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Providing complete solutions for your mobile technology. Keeping your business secure, giving you complete control of your smart tech whilst on the go.

How McLaren IT M365 Cloud Solutions Benefit Your Business

Smart technology devices have become an integral part of the corporate world. Smartphones, mobile devices such as tablets and laptops are commonly used by employees to handle day to day business tasks ranging from critical meetings to mundane activities such as taking a phone call or checking emails. Mobile device management (MDM) solutions are used to manage and regulate smart technology devices to ensure they are compliant, secure and in turn increase value to companies and end users allowing more mobility. 

Microsoft 365 solutions allow enterprises to create, communicate, collaborate to be more dynamic and productive whilst on the go.

  • With our services you collaborate with end users in assisting them to setup up, install, support and maintain smart technology devices all managed via MDM M365 solutions.
  • Providing complete support for your mobile technology.
  • M365 solutions allow greater collaboration for agile workplaces whilst providing robust security and reliabilty.
  • Keeping you secure and giving you control of your technology whilst on the go.
  • Our Mobile solutions support communication, collaboration, and greater overall productivity via prompt support.
  • Our solutions allow companies to take advantage of the Internet allowing you the freedom to operate in markets around the world.
  • High level of service quality and flexibility offered to end users in the comfort of your own environment, whether in the office, on the road or at home. 
  • Resulting in increased ability to communicate, work more securely and effectively.
  • Assist with setting up and supporting remote virtual conference meetings allowing video content and virtual whiteboards to share and collaborate with colleagues and clients.
  • We help in lowering costs by ensuring your smart devices run optimally with higher efficiency and productivity, giving you more time to concentrate on things that matter more.
  • We maintain smart technology devices via regular system health checks, monitoring security updates for vulnerabilities.
  • Strong mobile security allows you access to critical data and content without a heightened risk of a security breach.

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