Skills Hub - Aspire Programme

  • Unparalleled Seamless Training, Generating Exceptional Career Opportunities, Enabling Positive Sustainable Change, Financial Inclusion and Absolute Wellbeing for Communities Through Innovation

Our sustainable Aspire Programme provides an innovative knowledge share platform where society can learn, develop and succeed. We aim to deliver learning with a feel good factor ensuring an absolute social and economic impact for communities. We develop talent for the digital future, empowering diverse, dynamic and resilient technology teams. We want to shape and build digital teams for the future at our Innovation Centre.

We are passionate about contributing and making a postive impact in communities by successfully delivering technology opportunities to a wider audience, providing real world, tangible and sustainable change, inspiring future generations into the digital world offering exceptional career progression possibilities.

Aspire covers the very latest in demand technology skills, which are taught adhering to industry best practices.

Some of the core topics include, implementing, supporting and mainitaining smart mobile technologies, corporate IT systems, MS Windows, Apple iOS and Android Operating Systems. Laptop and PC system hardware, software solutions, Cyber Security, Email messaging (MS Exchange) and Email filtering systems. Setup and support of market data systems (Bloomberg), supporting financial add-ins and plug-ins used for business modelling applications. Local Area Networks (LAN), WiFi networking principles, Virtualisation (Azure Virtual Desktops, VMware and Citrix) through to Cloud collaboration tools (MS Azure, MS Intune Endpoint Manager, MS Authenticator, Azure Virtual Desktops, MS Teams, M365, MS SharePoint). As well as VPN remote work solutions, Voice Over IP (VIOP) technology and much more...

The programme also focuses on core soft skills, encompassing professional CV/resume and interview prep workshops. The course length ranges up to three months depending on individual requirements.

Our programme caters for a wide spectrum of individuals who are keen to secure roles within the technology sector. We collaborate with individuals by sharing our industry insights in the latest IT skills for individuals to learn and develop themselves by providing valuable training, experience and guidance required to sucessfully secure roles.

You don't need any formal qualifications to apply, just a commitment to learn and a desire to succeed in the world of IT.

For a free consultation and a personalised training programme, please call +44 (0) 207 846 0091.

Our Learning and Development Programme Caters For: 

  • Sixth Form, College leavers, Work experience placements
  • University level students
  • Women interested in IT
  • Diversity & Inclusion - People from minority backgrounds
  • Help people retrain from other industries
  • Individuals looking for a career change
  • Long term unemployed
  • Ex armed forces personnel

Aspire Programme Benefits


  • Enabling Sustainable Change - We Make IT Happen

    Our mission is to bridge the digital divide and knock down barriers to change perceptions, demistify and promote the IT industry to enable more women and young adults (18 to 30 year olds) into digital tech roles by sharing our knowledge, in order for students to prosper and have a positive impact on society and the environment with our green solutions making for a better, sustainable future for our communities.


  • Opportunities and Wellbeing

    The digital industry is rewarding and offers exceptional career prospects. Our programme inspires future generations into the world of technology, providing a platform to make real life differences that postively impact lives and improve wellbeing, bringing positive social and economic benefits to society. As well as teaching the importance of professional conduct within business, we enable individuals to develop strong technical and core (interpersonal) soft skills to be prepared and ready to land digital roles, ensuring money is circulated in local economies.


  • All-In Inclusive Ethos... Diversity and Inclusion

    We emphasise an All-In, inclusive ethos and believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed and work in the world of IT. We provide a safe, secure and a vibrant environment for all to learn, develop and excel to go beyond expectations.


  • Promoting Good Ethical Values

    Our company culture emphasises the values of respect, dedication, the importance of collaboration and the desire to change for the better, to improve lives and to provide a real purpose and direction in contributing positively to communities. We emphasise and build strong self esteem and confidence for individuals to succeed in ever-changing environments. 


  • Delivering The Latest Tech Skills

    Our scalable programme evolves together in line with digital advancements, ensuring individuals have the very latest skillset to meet industry requirements. Moreover, ensuring our students are equipped with the confidence and belief to land roles. We provide workshops which involve presentations and seminars in schools, colleges, universities, local/national Govt, job centers, technology trade fairs and digital roadshows to promote tech roles and our concepts to address the IT skills shortage nationwide. We encourage our students not to groupthink but to "think outside the box", in order to be ready to deal with unexpected scenarios.


  • Continuous Mentoring and Development

    We provide continuous mentoring throughout the full job lifecycle including post job support for continuous career development. Ensuring job satisfaction, job security, improve personal development, providing the complete wellbeing experience.


  • 100% Success Rate... Delivering UK Jobs

    Our empowered digital professionals can eventually be deployed to collaborate and complement our current and future projects.

    Our programme is so far achieving 100% success rate in securing professional roles for the individuals we have trained and mentored. Our trainees have ALL secured roles in renowned global blue chip companies! Such as BlackRock (Global Investment Fund), Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE (Corporate Real Estate), Lloyds of London (Global Insurance Marketplace)... To name but a few...

Trainee Testimonials

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