Skills - Impact IT Programme

Our Impact mentoring programme provides a knowledge platform where society are committed to learn, develop and succeed, Delivering learning with a feel good factor.

McLaren IT is passionate about contributing in a positive manner that successfully impacts society.

We provide tech training programmes for a wide spectrum of individuals who are keen to secure roles within the technology sector. We collaboratewith individuals by sharing our industry insights in the latest technology skills for individuals to learn and develop themselves by providing valuable training, experience and guidance required to sucessfully secure roles within industry. 

Our learning and development programmes cater for:

  • Sixth Form/College Leavers/Work Experience Placements.
  • University Dropouts/Undergraduates.
  • Women interested/looking to get in to IT.
  • Help people retrain from other industries. 
  • People form all/diverse backgrounds.
  • Individuals looking for a career change and the long term unemployed.
  • Ex offenders seeking another chance to reform?

(Sixth Form/College Leavers, Work Experience Placements, University Dropouts/Undergraduates, Women, People from all/Diverse backgrounds, People from disadvantaged backgrounds, Indivuduals looking for a career change and the Long term unemployed.) 

Our mission is to bridge the digital devide and knock down barriers to demistify IT to enable more women in to tech roles by sharing our knowledge, to teach to do the the right thing in order for students to prospure and have a positive impact on society and the environment with our green tech solutions making for a better future for our communities.

Our programme aims to inspire future generations in to the world of technology. Providind a platform to aspire and make real life differences that postively impact lives and improving wellbeing bringing positive social change to society.

McLaren IT emphasises an AllIn, inclusive ethos and believes everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed and work in the world of IT. We provide a safe, secure and vibrant environment for all to learn, develop and excel to go beyond expectations.

Our programmes teaches the values of respect, dedication and the desire to change for the better to improve lives and to provide a real purpose and direction in contrbuting positively to society.

Our scalable programme evolves together in line with technological advancement ensuring individuals have the very latest skillset to meet industry requirements. We aim to provide workshops which involve presentaions and seminarsin Schools, Colleges, Universties and local/national Govt, Job Centers and Technology Trade Fairs to promote tech roles and our concepts the IT skills shortage nationwide.

We provide continuous mentoring throughout the full lifecycle including post job support for continuous career development, ensuring job satisfaction, security and improving wellbeing.

Our empowered IT professionals can eventually be deployed to collaborate and complement existing and future McLaren IT projects.

Our programme is so far achieving 100% success in securing professional tech roles for the individuals we have trained and mentored. Our trainees have ALL secured roles in renowned global blue chip companies.

How McLaren IT Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

  • 24/7 Service Desk, follow the sun coverage. 
  • Providing effective 1st and 2nd line remote support services from our London UK based operations center.
  • Taking complete care of your IT Support issues with our Managed Services.
  • Super Fast Service, respond to issues within 10 mintutes. High availibility to ensure all incidents and request are captured and resolved in a timely manner.
  • Excellant customer engagment. Provide and maintain high levels of service and availibility ensuring SLA targets are met.
  • Optimised and secure workplace systems. Maximising system availibility, minimising downtime.
  • Effective absolute stakeholder management.
  • Provide complete support for Enterprise Mobility devices, keeping you secure, compliant and agile. Giving you control of your technology, whilst on the go.
  • Replacement laptops custom delivered anywhere, minimising downtime.
  • Workspace Services and Infrastructure Projects implemented by adhering to best practice and project management priciples.
  • Post support on any work completed the next business day.
  • Complete WEEE certified IT Recycling solutions provide
  • Conduct regular review meetings to ensure you are getting what you need from us.

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